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a relevantish video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h5YmbhpI5c

Wikipedia has this to say on the name, Thaddeus:


Thaddaeus or Thaddeus or "Thaddeo" for daddio (Greek Θαδδαῖος, Thaddaios, from Aramaic תדי, Taddai) is a man's given name. It is most likely derived from the Aramaic word תדא, taddā, meaning 'breast', which would be a nickname for a close friend, as in 'bosom buddy', or a younger brother.

The name has numerous other forms, including Tad, Tadzio, Thad. In Armenian, the name is Թադէոս, T'adeos, or (short form) Թադէ, T'ade.






[edit] People


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[edit] See also

  • Tadeusz - the common Polish-language version of the name


As for myself, I have always abreviated my name to Tad, and don't like Thad as a shortening.

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