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Famous Slamps (all new):

I call it "all new" fairly arbitrarilly based on the fact that so far as I know there are no famous slamps in history until the last 2 -4 generations or so:



2 videos that remind me of josh as a kid: http://video.google.com/videosearch?hl=en&q=josh&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wv#q=joshua&hl=en&emb=0



1) my brother:


1 of his web sites:



a picture of him playing his git box:



1 of many gigs he's got coming up:



Time: 9:00PM
Venue: Buffalo Gap w/ Acoustic Minds
Address: 6835 SW Macadam Ave
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Zip Code:  
Web Site:  
Cover Charge:  
Age Requirement: 21+
Press: Openning for Acoustic Minds

a review of his 1st "major" album


Another self-written, self-titled, self-played and self-produced CD. Except this one has the notable distinction on being very, very good. Can I get away with calling it a slamp-dunk?

Joshua Slamp has created an eclectic mix of songs, about half of them instrumental, with a lush diversity. Acoustic guitar is prominently featured, but electric is represented as well as some nicely placed violin. Slamp describes some of these instrumentals as mere “noodling,” but he’s selling himself short. Several are distinctive jazz-flavored pieces, each executed with great precision. “Take a Hike” stands out here, not just for the beautifully swelling organ notes but for the George Benson-like electric guitar riffs. There is an understated masculinity to this music, despite its exquisite tenderness. Maybe it’s the deep Lou Reed vocals, but I think it goes deeper than that, to the actual structures of these unique songs.

The spooky pacing of “Letting Go” sets a mood for the project, and the stark beauty of “One Memphis Night” confirms it. Most of the songs time out at around three minutes, and there is a well-constructed flow to the CD, the instrumentals placed perfectly within the framework. “Irvington” stands out for its happy little melody, and the layered guitar work of “Diestro” closes things out nicely with its tight groove. An impressive debut.


2) My cousin Dana who is becoming a famouse playwrite in new york:




3) My Father was fairly famous in his field (software engineering): 

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