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Men Walk on Moon Newspaper



Finally got around to adding some photo's to the bottom of the page (10/07/09).  Commentary later.

The Monroe Institute has asked if I will advertise for them.  As yet, they've given me no reason to object to such a request:


I've went and got twitter.   This gadget won't center. 

A link to some poems I wrote between the age of 14/20/ recorded sometime between the age of 17/20(These are no longer publicly available.  If someone wants to hear these, contact me at my Thaddeus.Slamp@gmail.com adress, and I'll see what I can do.  The person who sent them to me, will have to be helpful.  I was the 1 who asked him to remove them from public listening, I must confess.) :





As of last Sunday; I just loaded my Olympus vn 5200 files onto this pbworks.  Do not listen to these if you are averse to naughty words, or are otherwise faint of heart.  I think there is some great stuff to be gleaned from the 139 present files (should be 140, I think, but that's a needle in a haystack, in a lot of ways [realised later that 139 was the proper #).  I now intend to organise them into folders and add much needed commentary, etc...see how that works out.

Thaddeus SlampCreate Your Badge

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For the last 3 weeks or so I've been trying to get desired  feeds on this wiki.  The above google gadget appears to be success (and, it was, it turns out).  All my pages  have a feed of a) whatever usenet ng shows up 2ce; 1st on a search term matching the title of the page (I fear that the usenet is dying, and is mostly doing so because people don't know how great it is [or so I think]and so I hope this will counter that) (an NG about toyota'swas the 1st ng that fit the bill for the search term "front page", [tho I think all gasoline automobiles have as their chief charechteristic that they should be destroyed; personally]), and b) a google groups google alert for the same term.  The google gadget @ the top of this page hasn't worked yet, but I expect it will soon (/it does).  I suspect it is merely waiting for the term to show up as a new item in a google group.  The above paragraph like doohicky is the explanation why this wiki has seen so little dev in the last 3 weeks, as well.  BTW:  I've yet to work out my other great hope, namely custom wallpaper for all my pages, but that, I suppose can wait, etc.



(Before we get started, a word about format .)

a video called front page:  I very much like the song!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhJSv8zYzPE&eurl=http://video.google.com/videosearch?sourceid=gmail&q=front%20page&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wv 

My new favorite (meta)search engine: http://www.zuula.com/



After starting an experimental page in which I figured out how to create links, I am now officially starting this wiki.  The present wiki was started on Christmas Eve, 2008.



My name is Thaddeus Monroe





Here are some pics of me:

follow this link for my extended commentary on pics .

Slamp, Thaddeus M


The above is a picture of me. 


Yet another police photo.







These 2 were taken several years ago w/ a camera sent me by





The above is my favorite (self) portrait of recent.





another photo just for good luck.

On the subject of the photo closest to immediately below: I was sober for this jail photo, but otherwise pretty miserable, as is my usual state when brought into police custody. 
Hey; I can add text here!  Hey; I can add text here!  Hey; I can add text here! 
Hey; I can add text here!  Hey; I can add text here! 
Image Loading...
Hey; I can add text here!
Hey; I can add text here!: Hey; I can add text here! 
Hey; I can add text here!  Hey; I can add text here! 


Probably taken by MWR, @  the road crossing next to a hotel very near PDX (the airport.).



Taken @ a starbucks near the airport.  There is a Panda Express in the same erea.


Heres another of me in my "pirate hat"!
and yet another! 
Another of me in my pirates hat 
The above was taken of me about a year ago. 
Below is the 1st of many art-cart photos.




photo.jpg hey look, I can add text here! 
Finally got 1 of my cart, and i approximately as we look today:



An even newer picture of me and my cart.

An even yet newer picture of me and my cart. 
All the pictures of the cart are obsolete, except the 1 above.  Wish it were better.  No santa.  That cart is long gone.  Tho such is not discernable in this photo, this 1 has the body of a scooter informally affixed.
The above is the same photo as doctored by Lisa Berg.  I think it very much improved, if for no other reason than that it now shows the features whose absence I found so noteworthy in the original and also it's not sideways).
This is the most recent picture of me and my cart.  It was taken on Thursday night (as of August 23rd 2010).
The above latest picture of me and my Cart was taken on the occasion of my big 40 b-day( Just 2 days ago @ the time of this posting)..  I really got to cut the beard.
This picture was just sent me today (09/30/2010), but it must've been taken more than 2 weeks ago, as I've not had those headphones for about that long.
The above is a picture of me from my junior high and or high school years.

The above photo of me was taken by my mother.  I was probably 13 or younger. I can't center it.

Th 1st picture below is my 7th grade yearbook picture.  I can't center it.


Tad 7th grade.JPG  



The above picture of my cart and I was taken on my 40th Birthday (few months ago @ time of posting).  I can't center it.


A picture of me looking ridiculous in early July of 2010 is below.  I can't center it.



A recent picture of my cart.


Another recent picture of my Cart.  I can't center it.



The most recent picture of my cart.  I can't center it  I might be able to do better a bit later




















I could not center the photo above.    It is from sometime around 1992.


The above and the following picture were taken on july 31st 2011, so as of now (august the 4th, I believe), they are my most recent photos.







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